Dr. Phyllis Tung

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Phyllis Tung is a Clinical Psychologist, with a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master in Christian Marriage and Family Therapy. Through her training and work experiences in community agencies, psychiatric clinic, and half-way house for the mentally ill population, Phyllis has gained a broad range of clinical experience helping children, teenagers, adults & families, to deal with psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety, dissociative disorders, as well as life challenges such as eating & sleeping problems, adjustment difficulties, grieve and bereavement, addictive behaviors, as well as marital and relationship distress. Phyllis is the Adjunct Lecturer of Theological Education by Extension in the Lutheran Theological Seminary.

Phyllis values the uniqueness of every person. She believes everyone has aimed and strived to live the best of their life, abide being hindered by limitations and challenges at times. Phyllis works with clients in a warm and supportive way, creating a safe & comfortable relationship to enable client’s self-exploration process, to help identifying and removing roadblocks that hinder one’s development, and to optimize growth and maturity in one’s life journey.

Phyllis speaks Cantonese, English and Mandarin. She and her husband enjoy hiking and exploring the beauty of natural scenery in Hong Kong and different parts of the world.

To book an appointment with Dr. Tung, please contact us at 3105-1908 or email us at info@hubnspokesltd.com.