Esther Chung

Life Purpose Coach®
Ed.M. (Harvard University)
B.A. Psychology (Wellesley College)

Esther is a Board Certified Life Purpose Coach with a passion to help each person be an all star, by discovering their life purpose and developing their gifts and potential. Esther believes that every life is a story with treasure and hope. As a Life Purpose Coach®, she helps women to discover their purpose woven within the pages of their story; then they envision the next chapters so women can live each day full of hope, knowing, “I was born for this!” She specializes in strategic life planning and coaching for women. With a background in education and leadership, Esther also provides parent coaching and leadership training for families and organizations.

Esther couples her passion for learning, life, loving and leadership with her vision to equip parents to nurture the next generation of leaders. She partners with parents to navigate the path of parenthood with greater purpose and coaches you through the practical transitions and questions of each age and stage from preparing for parenthood to building a family legacy of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Born and raised in New York, Esther never imagined the adventures God had in store for her half way across the globe! Esther and her husband love the adventure of raising two “super-heroes in training” in the bustling concrete jungle of Hong Kong.

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