Stephanie Isom

Associate Prayer Minister
Hong Kong Cell Church Ministry Training College, Diploma of Christian Ministry

Stephanie came to Hong Kong with her missionary parents becoming active immediately in the local church. As a missionary herself, she has served in a wide various pastoral capacities in Hong Kong for the last 21 years, helping build the Kingdom of God.

Stephanie is bilingual, able to minister in Cantonese and English and has been serving in healing ministry as a part of mentoring, discipleship and pastoral work for the last 15 years. Her work with troubled youth, as a church planter and minister in various ministry teams has pushed her to look deeper into the various challenges to spiritual and personal growth faced by the individuals under her care. Her passion is to facilitate others in life breakthrough through identifying the root causes of struggles and equipping others to encounter God in ways that remove spiritual and emotional blocks to experiencing wholeness and living out their full potential. She is particularly familiar with issues arising from the Hong Kong socio-cultural environment and struggles related to active long-term involvement in ministry.

Stephanie has lived in both the United States and Hong Kong. She came to Hong Kong with her parents in 1994 as a young teen ready, and actively seeking to bless the people of Hong Kong in any and every way possible.
Her hobbies include: playing and composing music, upcycling old clothing, jewelry and other household items, painting, cartooning, illustrating, creative writing and cooking. She is committed to a lifetime of learning and personal growth in every area of her life.

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