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Psychological Counseling

Your transformation to wholeness starts at Hub and Spokes when you meet with one of our qualified counselors or coaches. They will help you gain a new perspective, enabling you to confront life’s challenges from a new and healthy perspective.

Counseling sessions are typically scheduled on a weekly basis. The total number of sessions will vary depending on your needs. Counseling is seen as a cooperative, problem-solving process that focuses on mental, emotional and behavioral transformation that involves both you and your counselor.

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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling consists of prayer ministry and pastoral counseling.  Often this part of your healing is misunderstood or left out altogether.  At Hub and Spokes, we have trained and certified counselors from various denominations and ministries.  All of our Spiritual Counselors have Christ and the Christian Bible as their foundation and apply the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to minister to your specific needs.  We use varied methods and modalities tailored to your needs.  Your healing will be as unique as you are.

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Connections & Support

We believe wholeness means you are healthy in ALL areas of your life.  That is why we value creating a community where you connect with people and support one another.  We offer Growth Groups that help support your transformation to wholeness.  A Growth Group is a group of people working on the same area of interest.  You will get support from one anther as well as the group facilitator.  We also provide connections to the services you may need outside of what we offer at our center.  Let one of our professionals offer you a wholistic transformational experience that may include services with one of our approved partners.

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Education is a big part of your transformation to wholeness.  Your counselor can put a personal training program together for you or suggest one of our Personal Enrichment Workshops.

We also believe continuing education for our counselors is key to our excellent service.  We offer Professional Development Seminars and Clinical talks throughout the year for professional counselors.

For more information on all of our training opportunities, please visit our Courses page.

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Coaching & Supervision

Organizational Coaching

We offer corporate coaching and work with existing Employee Assistance Programs on how to enhance the wholistic care for you staff and members of your organization.   We will address four main areas of care: physical, emotional, spiritual and relational.  Healthy individuals make healthy teams.

Personal Coaching

We offer two types of personal coaching at Hub and Spokes – Life Purpose Coaching and Executive Coaching.

A Life Purpose Coach is a change expert, professionally trained to help you maximize your potential. When you have a personal coach calling out the very best in you, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish! Here are some examples of what we can provide as a coach:

  • Unconditional support and consistent encouragement
  • Personality profiles, assessments and exercises to identify strengths and areas of development
  • An environment of complete acceptance for brainstorming, strategizing and envisioning the future without inhibitions
  • Strategic Life Planning and Practical techniques for redefining priorities, getting control of your schedule and living a balanced life
  • An advocate who will challenge you to reach for your dreams and call out the very best in you
  • Goal setting, action planning and accountability to convert your dreams into realities.

The core of Life Purpose Coaching is to help you to connect the dots between your passions and purpose with your daily routines and experiences so that you live with greater meaning. You learn how to take intentional and positive action, overcome obstacles, such as fears and limiting habits, and create and achieve your goals in life.


All of our counselors are supervised to provide high quality service to you.  We aim to increase therapeutic acuity and skill in practice, self-understanding, and client empathy.  In addition to providing this extra level of excellence in our center, we offer individual or group supervision to outside therapists, pastoral counselors and prayer ministers.

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